For those who are looking to add life, vitality and a solid biblical foundation to their ministry Robertson McQuilkin has hit the proverbial home run with The Five Smooths Stones.  While the principles will apply to many aspects of everyone's life and can be a great resource for lay persons, McQuilkin has targeted the book to those who are leading the local church.  I would like to interject one caution; for those who are comfortable where they are with God this book might cause a bit of discomfort.  They say the best antiseptic is sun light and McQuilkin uses a lot of Son light to establish the principles in The Five Smooths Stone which will bring life to any church.

In The Emotionally Healthy Church Peter Scazzero has brought to light principles concerning emotional health and spiritual maturity that have long been forgotten by many in the evangelical church in America. The thesis of his book is "emotional health and spiritual maturity are inseparable" (pg 10). We often hear Christians talk about aspects of spiritual maturity such as Bible memorization, scripture reading, prayer, church attendance (just to name a few), but our emotional health is often neglected. We over work ourselves attempting to accomplish more than is humanly possible, we neglect our families, and even ourselves. Our excuse is that the ministry of God is important, more important that everything else. But everything else may also be our ministry. Pastor Scazzero demonstrates out of his weakness the truth of his journey to emotional health and spiritual maturity and provides a guide for us in the process. Pastor Scazzero's words spoke volumes to me as I recalled my own failings in ministry. When I realized that "The Gospel says you are more sinful and flawed than you ever dared believe, yet you are more accepted and loved than you ever dared hope because Jesus lived and died in your place" (pg 83) I found a freedom to serve in my weakness instead of strength. The Lord, through Pastor Scazzero and The Emotionally Healthy Church, can lead you down a path in ministry which I believe could bring about a "Copernican revolution" (pg 52) in your ministry. I hope, as I begin to implement the principles espoused in the book, to see a change in my ministry.

Christians Get Depressed To by David P. Murry is a wonderful book for those suffering with depression or those who know someone who is. Pastor Murry has done a wonderful and thoughtful investigation into the difficult subject of depression. He comes at depression from a well balanced biblical perspective allowing for causes which could stem from heart, body or soul.

In six chapters he discusses why we get depressed, how to study the topic of depression, what depression is and then covers different methods to deal with depression. He discusses the physical, spiritual, mental approaches which have been taken up in the past and explains the strength and weaknesses of each. In his last chapter he address caregivers (spouses, pastors, friends) and gives timely advise on how we can help those dealing with depression. This is a great resource and I am glad to have this book on my shelf.