Thursday, June 9, 2011

There's No Where to Hide

Running away from God is futile, God is everywhere. After receiving a word from God to prophecy a message of woe to the Ninevites (Jon 1:2) Jonah decided that he would attempt to hide from God so that he would not have to share God's message with the Ninevites, a people he greatly despised (Jon 1:3).  But God did not let Jonah get away that easy, He threw a great storm at Jonah which violently tossed the ship about (Jon 1:4).  Jonah discovered that even deep in the hull of a ship bound for the end of the world that God was there (Jon 1:6) God is calling us to share his message of woe and salvation with the grocery clerk, a co-worker or our neighbor next door.  Maybe God has already or will soon call us to go on the mission field to take His message to people we do not even know or like (Acts 9:5, 16).  We may try to hide in our work, our family, or other obligations, but sooner or later God will cast a storm in our life if we disobey.  Instead we should run to God and trust him for the mission he has called us to.  We should step out of our comfort zone and share with our neighbors, and all we meet the love of Christ.


David Peterson © 2011

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