Sunday, June 12, 2011

God's Grace for All

God's grace is available to all who will repent and follow Him.  God called Jonah to preach a message of woe to the Ninevites (1:2).  Jonah's running away from God and the Ninevites (Jon 1:2) is not what I would have expected from a prophet of God.  Later we see the same attitude in Jonah's response (Jon 4:1) to the contrite and repentant hearts of the Ninevites after hearing God's message (Jon 3:10).  After having been shown great mercy by the pagan sailors when they found out that he was the cause of the great storm (Jon 1:12-13) I would have thought that Jonah would be more merciful to others.  I have worked in the city of Detroit for many years and every day I see those who are in need God's mercy.  They range from drug dealers to  mothers who allow their children to live in filthy houses, or fathers who cuss at their children.  I often look at them and think not them Lord, and then the Holy Spirit gently reminds me “Yes, even them David.”  And then He reminds me of my sin and that I am no better than they are.  As I look at my heart and the deep sin within I shall be open to share God's salvation message with others.


David Peterson © 2011

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