Thursday, June 9, 2011

God is Sovereign

The Lord is sovereign over all the earth, all events and all time and those who trust in him have nothing to fear.   God in Amos 3:6b asks a simple question: if a disaster occurs in a city is it not the Lord who has caused it. The expected answer from the reader is “yes, of course.” In Psalm 147 we are told that God is the one who sends the snow, frost and ice. And the storm which struck the boat Jonah was on (Jonah 1:4) was caused by God, and He is the one who can calm the storm (Psalm 107:29). In the beginning God causes all thing to be created by the word which he had spoken. And Satan could not harm on hair on Job's head with out God's permission. In recent years preachers all over the United States could be heard proclaiming that God had nothing to do with Hurricane Katrina, or F5 Tornado's that wipe out whole towns. Are these preachers afraid that if the people find out that God is in control of the universe they will run from him. I believe the opposite is true. We should be willing to tell the truth. Our God is a big God who is in control of all that happens and we can trust him with our life for eternity.


David Peterson © 2011

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